Automating SQL Server Backups on Windows: Why You Need It and How to Do It

A backup is a copy of data taken and stored elsewhere so that you can restore it in case of a database breakdown. The most common causes of a breakdown include the following:

  • Hardware issue: The data in the database can get corrupted due to errors in the physical drives. However, it is not always physical damage to the server from the outside. Disks wear out, resulting in data read and write errors.
  • Software issue: As a rule, data is written to the database by a program, in which errors may occur and lead to data corruption after updates.
  • Human issue: A person with access might unintentionally damage the data. For example, they might delete data that was not supposed to be deleted. ​​
  • Hacker issue: If attackers infiltrate your system, then they will, first of all, encrypt your database and demand a ransom for decryption.